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Yoga for Complete Health

Yoga for Complete Health

The term yoga comes from the Indic word 'Yuj', which implies, "joining, union, to unite". the first which means of yoga is that the method of uniting the individual with the Universal Self.

Patanjali (2500-4000 years ago) outlined yoga as, "the acutely aware method of gaining mastery of the mind." By mastering the mind, we tend to square measure ready to reach our original state and unite with our Universal Self.

The methodology accustomed accomplish this goal includes several therapeutic techniques that enables the professional to expertise true health. There square measure 5 layers of existence that square measure recovered through ancient Hindooism techniques.
 Yoga for Complete Health

The 5 Layers of Human Existence: Pancha Kosa

A human being is claimed to possess 5 layers of existence. Nurturing and healing every of those layers helps to unite the individual with the Universal Self.

1. Annamaya Kosa (Physical Layer). the primary layer consists of the physical frame - the tissues and cellular structures that comprise the frame. it's composed of the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and house. The food that we tend to consume nourishes every of those components.

A healthy Hindooism diet, yoga asanas, loosening exercises and kriyas square measure all techniques used to get rid of ailments and symptoms at the physical level.

2. Pranayama Kosa (Life Force/Prana Layer). elan vital is that the basic cloth the universe. It includes all things within and outdoors of our body. The Physical Layer extends from the Prana Layer. A harmonious flow of prana helps nourish each cell within the body. In fact, this flow is what provides cells life. Prana flows through delicate channels, referred to as Nadis, that cowl the whole body sort of a immense electrical grid.

Pranayama may be a series of respiration techniques that removes random agitations and disruptions within the flow of prana. This set of Hindooism practices helps take away ailments within the Pranayama Kosa layer.
 Yoga for Complete Health

3. Manomaya Kosa (Mental Layer). This delicate layer heavily influences the Pranayama Kosa and Annamaya Kosa. Manomaya Kosa dictates the facet of one's temperament. it's wherever the mind carries out numerous functions: perception, memory and ego.

A regular meditation apply permits the mind to relax and, with dedicated apply, will ultimately result in super consciousness (Samadhi).

4. Vijnanamaya Kosa (Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence, Intuition Layer). This layer unceasingly guides North American nation through life. It instructs North American nation to require, or not take, a course of action. It helps the Manomaya Kosa master the fundamental instincts of life.

Understanding is that the key to operational the Vijnamaya Kosa. Upanisads square measure the treasury of this understanding - the redeemer of all misery and obsession. the shortage of data is what represents wrong habits, agitations and suffering. Correct data immolates attachments, agitations and obsessions - releasing the mind from mental agitation.

5. Anandamaya Kosa (Bliss and Cosmic Consciousness Layer). Anandamaya Kosa is barren of any emotional states - it a state of silence, harmony and ideal health. it's the foremost delicate layer of human existence. it's solely reached once one crosses every of the on top of layers, one by one. One should journey inwards towards the Universal Self with constant knowingness, drive to boost oneself and therefore the power of auto-suggestion (self-hypnosis).

According to the yoga texts, Anandamaya Kosa is once one is healthiest, in good harmony and possesses balance of all colleges. At Vijnanamaya Kosa, there square measure movements that square measure channelized within the correct direction. united advances to the Manomaya Kosa, imbalances typically begin to look. this may greatly disrupt one's progress.

The Need for psychotherapy

The mind becomes unceasingly agitated throughout interactions with the planet. This ends up in imbalances at intervals the Manomaya Kosa, referred to as adhis, that is that the Indic word for stress. once stress is left unrestrained, it causes violent fluctuations within the flow of prana through the nadis (Pranayama Kosa). once the pranayama flows through the incorrect path, while not correct rhythm and harmony, it affects the Annamaya Kosa and leads to numerous ailments. These ailments square measure celebrated in trendy medication as psychoneurotic diseases.

Unwanted thoughts, behaviors, habits, feelings phobias and situational reactions square measure programmed deep at intervals the Manomaya Kosa (mind layer). This deep seeded programming creates inner conflicts and mental agitation that's harmful to overall health, position apply, pranayama and meditation. In fact, this programming will become thus enfeebling that meditation is not any longer sensible.
 Yoga for Complete Health

It is extraordinarily troublesome, if not not possible, for somebody to de-program this programming while not the proper tools. this is often once autosuggestion and psychotherapy square measure used. Auto-suggestion (self-hypnosis), sankalpa, positive imagination and contemplation square measure all Hindooism techniques that facilitate alleviate this mental agitation.

This is why I don't separate the science of psychotherapy, autosuggestion and yoga. they're all Hindooism practices as they assist heal the 5 layers of human existence.

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